Our Services

The Cremation Society of Mid-Illinois Co. takes the place of the Funeral Home. At the time of a death, the Cremation Society is notified. We come to the place of death and make a removal of the deceased. We transport the remains to the crematory, where they are held until the death certificate can be signed by a physician or medical examiner. The cremation permits are then secured and the cremation can take place. The Cremation Society handles the entire process.


After the cremation is complete the remains are placed in a utility urn and the family is notified. This process can take several days and we will keep you informed on the progress.


Our Society will assist the survivors in obtaining certified copies of the death certificate, placing free and paid obituaries in newspapers, helping with the paperwork for Veterans and Social Security. We also assist the families we serve in setting up any services or burials they wish.


Cremation is not for everyone and our Society does not meet the needs of everyone wanting cremation. The Cremation Society of Mid-Illinois Co. serves people that want at their time of death a direct cremation without a visitation and funeral, buying a casket and having a large service.


A person that wants a direct cremation can still have a Memorial Service at your home, church, lodge, or any other place you prefer. Such services may occur before or after the cremation.