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Thank you for your interest in our Cremation Society. The Cremation Society of Mid-Illinois Co. is not like the typical Funeral Home down the street. Yes a Funeral Home will provide a cremation service like we do but they also do other services like traditional Funerals that by choosing cremation you don’t need. Please don’t misunderstand; we are not putting down any Funeral Home in any way because we are in the Funeral business and have been since 1934. When you walk into a Funeral Home for any type of service you will pay their overhead they have built into all their services. We don’t have the typical overhead that the others have because we only do Cremations, making our overhead much less than the regular Funeral Home. We started the Cremation Society of Mid-Illinois Co. because we saw that every year more and more people were choosing cremation and we also saw that the Funeral Industry was raising the prices on Direct Cremation more and more every year as more people chose Cremation. The Cremation Society of Mid-Illinois Co. was started 1996 for one reason and for one reason only, to give the people of central Illinois a real choice when it came to Cremation.  We were the First service of our kind in this area and as you can see since our beginning in 1996 there have been some other firms that have jumped on our coat tails trying to tell the public that they are different or even better or cheaper than us. No matter what they claim the truth speaks for itself. We have been in business for over 20 years, we pride ourselves in the fact of, No Hidden Charges, a proven track record, a name you know and trust and best of all locally family owned and operated. The Cremation Society of Mid-Illinois Co. is the leader in this field not a follower. We have helped thousands of families in their times of loss in the last 20 years and each year more and more people are choosing to join our Society. If you do decide to join our Society you can take comfort in knowing that you have joined hundreds if not thousands of others committed and united in their quest for a for a services that is Simple~Dignified~Affordable and a trusted alternative to the higher cost most find with other Funeral and Cremation services in this area. We are 100% dedicated to serving you At-Need or Pre-Need and we never pressure you to purchase any good or services you don’t need or want.  We are licensed to sell Pre-need, which helps protect against public assistance eligibility and are ready to help you anyway we can. When you see what we charge compared to what other Funeral Homes and Cremation service charge, you will see the savings really add up. Other services charge anywhere from $1200 to $4500 for a Direct Cremation, compared to our member price of $635 and our non-member price of $790, the savings are real.


*Based on a 25 mile Radius of Peoria, IL, Subject to change without notice*